Monday, April 30, 2012

so much to consider

images via pinterest

When planning a new home there is so much to think much!

We have never built a house before and even though my husband used to sell new homes (that is...plans...) this is rather different.  We are not using a standard design...we are making our own.  We have given the brief to the architects and they are helping us create a visual for the verbal information we are giving them.  Just when I think we have got it....I think of something else.

The good thing is, I think all this fine tuning is part of the process.  It's like it takes a while for the idea of a plan to permeate in our minds.  I close my eyes and imagine it, work it, live it, decorate it, use it.  And then ask the fundamental question.  Can it be better...have I considered all the factors?

The 13 acres family xx

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Ellen Arthur said...

So many decisions! I really love some of your inspiration images ... Good luck with continuing to make decisions :) I'm hopeless :)
Ellen xx