Monday, April 1, 2013


Last week, just before dawn, I snuck out of our country apartment.  I left my bestie and our daughters sleeping.  We'd travelled up that familiar freeway the night before and the purpose of my trip was drawing closer.  Today was the day the builders lay our concrete slab.  I'd kind of ear-marked this event as one of those pinnacle moments that I knew it would all start feeling "real" and also a moment that I knew I wanted to be present to see it all happen before my eye.  So with half a dozen boys, me and my camera and a chilly autumn morning, the crane, the cement truck and the level set, work began.

The sun rose in the East as each truck load came and went delivering cement. It was a magical crisp morning and in a few hours, the footings and the hydronic heating were all covered with the concrete left to set.

The foundations are laid.  For what will be our home.

13 acres family