Friday, October 26, 2012

first turn of the soil

It's been a while since I got to blog here on this lovely little world recording our journey from city to country life.  But don't be fooled that that means things have taken a back step.  Anything but really.  You see, we've been finalising plans, engaging a builder and even working on picking fittings and colours.  Totally exciting times at Casa 13 Acres!  

And look!  We've moved dirt.  Well not us technically but the builder.  It's not the house, don't get too excited but every farm needs a shed and this one is huge...18 metres long to be when I got the chance to meet with the builder out of site on the first day of him leveling out the area I jumped at the opportunity.  It was a great moment.  We've had this land for nearly 4 years, and so to finally see some action, some pegged out area and a structure starting to take place, well, I may have even teared up!  

I'll report back when The Shed is up! This has prompted some research into ride on mowers!  I have a feeling this shed will soon be full of farm equipment to keep us busy...

13 Acres Family