Monday, February 11, 2013

snake and a go-cart

Sunday the 10th of February welcomed in the Chinese New Year for 2013 - The Year of the Snake.  I can't help but feel a little omen that yesterday, on our Lot 13, on 13 acres of land we stumbled across our first snake - did he want to wish us a Happy Chinese New Year?  Not sure, he kinda didn't stay around long enough....  Actually I scared the poor thing who was having an innocent little kip in the shed. And yes he scared me, but not as much as I thought I would be scared of snakes*.  It was a brown snake - the nasty ones.  The kids were over the moon to get a glimpse at the snake and my dearest beloved channeled his inner Bear Grylls ensuring that in fact the snake did not remain in the shed.

We'd come to show my mum the house progress and she had brought with her a handmade go-cart made by a friend of hers.  The kids were bursting with excitement to try it out.

Somehow though the snake was getting all the attention.

13 Acres Family

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*spiders however I am petrified of 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

getting prepared with STIHL

This is a sponsored post. 



As exciting as the prospect is of building our future home on acreage is, we are mindful of being aware of new dangers.  Being surrounded by gorgeous hills, valleys, bushland and natural habitat is wonderful yet the reality is we need to be aware of the potential hazards this can cause. 

When planning our home, our move and our new lifestyle to come, being firesafe and doing all that we can to minimise the damage to our property in the event of a bushfire is paramount. 

Careful planning is taking place regarding the landscaping, especially the garden beds and trees surrounding the house.   Keeping the structure free from plants so that if they catch on fire they do not ignite the buildings is an effective planning strategy.   Mulch around the home is also highly flammable whereas rocks and pebbles are recommended for their fire resistance. 

My husband was very keen to keep the grass low and purchased a ride on mower and STIHL brush cutter to ensure that the property is kept tidy as fire in grass above 10cm can travel through very quickly.   It was also interesting to discover that fire is mainly carried by undergrowth including grasses, leaf litter and shrubs, not trees (as I thought).  

Sadly Victoria has already been impacted by many bush fires this Summer and this season is also the worst time for storms and floods as we are currently witnessing in parts of Queensland.  

STIHL have a wide variety of products to ensure that your property is fire safe. 

Please check out their website

And for more information on what to do in the event of an emergency the SES guidelines are a great resource. 

The kind people at STIHL sent us all a pair of gardening gloves to  help us get stuck into preparing our property and making it fire safe.  STIHL also have a pair of adult gloves for one reader.  Follow along and leave a comment below to enter.  Entries close midnight 11th February 2013 and is open to all Australian and New Zealand residents.