Friday, October 26, 2012

first turn of the soil

It's been a while since I got to blog here on this lovely little world recording our journey from city to country life.  But don't be fooled that that means things have taken a back step.  Anything but really.  You see, we've been finalising plans, engaging a builder and even working on picking fittings and colours.  Totally exciting times at Casa 13 Acres!  

And look!  We've moved dirt.  Well not us technically but the builder.  It's not the house, don't get too excited but every farm needs a shed and this one is huge...18 metres long to be when I got the chance to meet with the builder out of site on the first day of him leveling out the area I jumped at the opportunity.  It was a great moment.  We've had this land for nearly 4 years, and so to finally see some action, some pegged out area and a structure starting to take place, well, I may have even teared up!  

I'll report back when The Shed is up! This has prompted some research into ride on mowers!  I have a feeling this shed will soon be full of farm equipment to keep us busy...

13 Acres Family

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Farmer...

What sort of Farmer will I be?  I've been thinking that of late.  Now don't get me wrong...I'm using the term "farmer" very loosely....very very loosely, but a suburban existence to a country lifestyle is one I am very excited about when I'm not petrified. 

I'm really looking forward to the wide open spaces.  My husband and I can't stop talking about all the things we can do with our 13 acres of land....the possibilities blow our mind away.  

And when I see images like this one above, a little flutter in my heart occurs.  Me....donning my country boots, to feed the chooks or walk through the orchard to pick fruit ripe for preserving, whilst the smell of freshly baked bread wafts through the house.  The kids riding bikes (or even motorbikes) around the property and getting dirty knees and faces before we all collapse and night in front of a fire after a hearty meal.  

Sounds good hey? 

13 acres family

Sunday, May 13, 2012

decisions decisions

When you build a new house, everything needs to be decided.

And I mean everything.

Given that we have such a large parcel of land (13 acres!)  I feel we even have more scope.

We don't have many restrictions.  In fact....we can't build a house that is too small.  Really our options are only limited to our imagination.

Some of the weird and wonderful decisions we are contemplating at the moment include;

A pool or games room?

A fireplace or coonara?

Polished concrete or something else?

An underground water tank or above ground?

A septic tank that doubles as a worm farm?

Oh the joys!

I have to say I'm loving this process.  It does get overwhelming at times.  I like that we are taking it slow as we are in no I know the decisions will evolve.

The picture above really piqued my interest.  I think I like the dramatic effect of the fireplace, those lovely windows and just the ambiance and cosiness.  I'm not a fan of the checked cushions, but you know, in my house I'll get to decide those things.  At the moment, I'm having fun gaining inspiration where I can find it.

13 acres family

Monday, April 30, 2012

so much to consider

images via pinterest

When planning a new home there is so much to think much!

We have never built a house before and even though my husband used to sell new homes (that is...plans...) this is rather different.  We are not using a standard design...we are making our own.  We have given the brief to the architects and they are helping us create a visual for the verbal information we are giving them.  Just when I think we have got it....I think of something else.

The good thing is, I think all this fine tuning is part of the process.  It's like it takes a while for the idea of a plan to permeate in our minds.  I close my eyes and imagine it, work it, live it, decorate it, use it.  And then ask the fundamental question.  Can it be better...have I considered all the factors?

The 13 acres family xx

Monday, March 5, 2012

the brief

We sent our Brief off the the architect a little while ago.  We had little skill in able to draw what we wanted, but I was able to write down how I imagined our house would look and function.

What did it include.....

A house on 13 acres.  Practical.  Functional. Illusion of space.

A house that looks lovely, homely and part of its surrounds.  Not too perfect. A bit understated but very much a family home.  A place to socialise, but have some time for solitude and relaxation.  Bright, loads of windows high ceilings.

We also chose an architect that is renowned for their expertise in sustainability.  We thought this an essential component to our plan of living on property and making the most of our surroundings.

I've got heaps of boards on Pinterest which is helping me catalogue images that I find inspiring....

The 13 acres family xx

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Dream

{photos of the town}

"If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it then I can acheive it."Mohammed Ali

This is our space to help visualise and plan our dream.

Just what is that?  Hopefully it will evolve....dreams are fluid and ever changing but what we do know is that we plan to build a lovely family home on our 13 acres of land.   At the moment this family lives in Melbourne.  I love Melbourne, but after 9 years here and two children later we felt that we wanted something different.  Both of us have lived in the country for some aspect of our lives, so the country life is no stranger to us.   So without hesitation we found the perfect land close by a beautiful historic country town.

We dream of planting a vineyard, living off the land by growing veggies and having our own chooks.   Giving our children the freedom to enjoy, learn and appreciate their surroundings.  Being part of a community and slowing the pace of life to enjoy simple pleasures.

There are so many ideas that we talk about and discuss that it made sense to record our journey, our ideas and inspiration along the way. 

Part of me is excited about this big adventure, and part of me is nervous.  But what I do know is that we want to create a life experience for our family that they will love, cherish and remember forever.

The 13 acres family xx