Sunday, May 13, 2012

decisions decisions

When you build a new house, everything needs to be decided.

And I mean everything.

Given that we have such a large parcel of land (13 acres!)  I feel we even have more scope.

We don't have many restrictions.  In fact....we can't build a house that is too small.  Really our options are only limited to our imagination.

Some of the weird and wonderful decisions we are contemplating at the moment include;

A pool or games room?

A fireplace or coonara?

Polished concrete or something else?

An underground water tank or above ground?

A septic tank that doubles as a worm farm?

Oh the joys!

I have to say I'm loving this process.  It does get overwhelming at times.  I like that we are taking it slow as we are in no I know the decisions will evolve.

The picture above really piqued my interest.  I think I like the dramatic effect of the fireplace, those lovely windows and just the ambiance and cosiness.  I'm not a fan of the checked cushions, but you know, in my house I'll get to decide those things.  At the moment, I'm having fun gaining inspiration where I can find it.

13 acres family

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