Tuesday, June 4, 2013

sneak peak

I'm a visual person.  Casting my eyes onto how things will look,  to imagine the bigger picture and how tiny samples will look hundreds time their actual size.   This trait is somewhat of an issue when building a house from scratch and having to rely on the old noggin for imagery that is yet to be put into a tangible visual for my eyes to feast upon.

These images, completed by our architect at the time of designing the floor plan has helped tremendously in piecing together the two demential into three and morphing our ideas into life.  I giggle at the silhouette people standing in my virtual house.  Which one am I?  The one in the kitchen no doubt.

It's like a little sneak peak into what our house will look like.  A vision that is helping me create a house into our home, adding depth, detail, texture and life.   You can see from image two our house design has a major focus on sustainability, using what nature will give us and maximising its power.  Windows are key to our house design.  They are everywhere, yet with a purpose.   This weekend we'll visit our house again...check and double check all the windows and make sure their just right the frames are all made up.  I can't wait to see the potential views we will have....

13 Acres Family


A little bit country said...

Oh wow! Looks amazing. Can't wait to see it all coming together. xo

Mrs M said...

Serious envy here, that is seriously gorgeous. Enjoy every moment of this process. Devine.

Kate @ Babe & Abode said...

Hello!! This is so awesome. You guys are doing just what we'd love to do some day! I'll be following your journey for sure. PS I LOVE the sun diagrams - my architect husband is under strict instructions to ensure plenty of light in our one-day-eventually-dream home.
Good building vibes to you! x

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Just fantastic!! Love Posie