Saturday, March 2, 2013

bricks & water

We've come up this weekend to check out the progress at the block. A marvellous day, the first few days of Autumn, and not a cloud in the sky.  Here at night it's already beginning to get fresh...blanket weather, which is welcome given the humid heat of late in Melbourne.

It's been a few weeks since I've been and during that time, I knew that the brickies were starting and that a pump had been ordered.  Lo and behold we turn up and there are the beginnings of brick footings and the pump is actually connected and trenched.  It actually looks like a building site.   There is bore access on our land, which means a good, regular supply of water which shouldn't ever run out.  It's been tested and it will be perfect for irrigation and even drinking if need be.   We also have the power cables in the shed waiting for the sparky to fit some lights and switches.  Very exciting times.

The Kangaroos however were looking a little stern as to why we interrupted their siesta.

The 13 acres family


A little bit country said...

I can't believe you have kangaroos in your "back yard"! xo

Unknown said...

Exciting times for you all!!

Sar xx

Unknown said...

Oh, wow. It's all happening at 13 acres! Fantastic. Yes, those kangaroos will NOT be happy! xxx

LionessLady said...

So exciting watching the progress on this! Yay for water!