Monday, March 5, 2012

the brief

We sent our Brief off the the architect a little while ago.  We had little skill in able to draw what we wanted, but I was able to write down how I imagined our house would look and function.

What did it include.....

A house on 13 acres.  Practical.  Functional. Illusion of space.

A house that looks lovely, homely and part of its surrounds.  Not too perfect. A bit understated but very much a family home.  A place to socialise, but have some time for solitude and relaxation.  Bright, loads of windows high ceilings.

We also chose an architect that is renowned for their expertise in sustainability.  We thought this an essential component to our plan of living on property and making the most of our surroundings.

I've got heaps of boards on Pinterest which is helping me catalogue images that I find inspiring....

The 13 acres family xx

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posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

You'll make it beautiful, certainly filled with love & your home will have a good heart, love Posie